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Inground Pool and Above Ground Pool: An Overview

Inground Pool

inground pool

    It is built in-ground.
    It is more expensive than above ground pool.
    It requires wider area in your backyard.
    Building it takes a month or two to be fully completed.
    You can install diving board and pool slide in it.
    Pool maintenance is a little bit laborious with an inground pool.

Above Ground Pool

above ground pool

    It is built above the ground.
    It is cheaper than the inground pool.
    It requires smaller area in your backyard.
    It can easily be installed and disassemble when needed.
    Installation of diving board and pool slide is not advisable.
    Pool maintenance is easier and less laborious with an above ground pool.
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Swimming Pools in Ancient Times

The swimming pool has its own place in the history books. As three great empires collide; Egypt, Greece and Rome, pools or baths had been .


Historians believe that Egyptians started using swimming pools way back in 25000 B.C. For them, water symbolizes life; it is where all creations came from. And because of the desert’s climate, Egypt depended on water and it would be a great luxury to have a pool.

ancient egypt backyard pool

Many Egyptian painting depicts the dead drinking from a pool in the after life.

Swimming Pools in Ancient Times dans facts egyptpoolpainting

[Photo courtesy of http://www.lessing-photo.com/]
[Source: http://www.egyptartsite.com/symlst.html]


Greeks are known for their competitiveness and athleticism. For them, the swimming pool was their proving ground where they have to « outswim » their competitors.

Ancient Greek diving

[Picture courtesy of http://swimsallyswim.blogspot.com/]


Romans tried many times to be the most dominant empire in the world. They have conquered Egypt and Greek as well and assimilated the two Empires’ cultures. They have also using swimming pools to train their swimmers.

220px-Roman_Baths_in_Bath_Spa_England_-_July_2006 dans history

One of the first patrons of arts Gaius Maecenas of Rome in the first century B.C . was the first to built a heated swimming pool.

[Source: http://www.wikipedia.com/]

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Anatomy of a Pool Slide


Compared to the diving board, the swimming pool slide gives the thrills of sliding from the top level down to the cool waters. Children and adults can glide down the swimming pool slides as many times as they want  and enjoy the moment together.

Anatomy of a Pool Slide dans facts poolslide

Swimming pool slides are commonly installed on inground pools but with above ground decking systems, they can also be now installed on above ground swimming pools.

Knowing the components of your pool slide enables you to monitor and ensure that they are in good condition and can be replaced if necessary.


pool slide ladder

  • The main component of the pool slide.
  • Commonly made from fiberglass; other slides can be made from polyethylene and acrylic.
  • Can be straight, right or left curve, and whirl-shaped such as vortex.


  • Provides access the slide.
  • Can be made of durable plastic, stainless steel or aluminum.
  • Some ladders have handrails for  added safety.


pool slide anchor

  • Secures the stability of the swimming pool slide.
  • Made from either aluminum or plastic.
  • Swimming pool slide can be anchored by either drilling holes into the pool deck then set the pool slide legs and ladder into the concrete or by sinking the anchors with the slide legs  and ladder attached to them into the concrete that surrounds the swimming pool.


swimming pool flume

  • Connected to a water source that provides water flowing on the pool slide.
  • An outdoor water faucet or hose can be used to connect to the water source.
  • Plumbing assembly is required.


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Safety Precautions in Using Swimming Pool Diving Boards

Although diving board can bring fun and excitement to the swimmers, it can also harm them as well without any safety precautions. It is necessary that the safety of your family are secured while enjoying every pool bating experience. You can prevent pool accidents and any untoward incidents by imposing these safety precautions in using pool diving boards:

diving board

1. Make sure that the diving board is installed properly. Secure all the screws and connections to ensure that it will not detach or dislocate.

2. Only one person should dive at a time. Feeling of excitement is not bad but make sure to control it and be patient while using the diving board. When someone is using it, don’t insist to use it at the same time. This will just cause any untoward incidents like pool accident.

3. Clear the area under the board before diving. Make sure no one stays under the diving board to prevent collision that can cause injuries or even death. Also remove other pool equipment such as pool filter, pool cleaner and the like around the diving area for maximum safety.

4. Follow the weight limit of the diving board. Every diving board has its weight limit, which means an individual that exceeds the required weight cannot use the board. Following this rule will prevent diving board damages as well as pool accidents.

5. Don’t run around the diving area. Kids that run around the diving board area might slip or slide resulting to injuries. It is necessary to not allow kids to play in the diving area, or if possible around the pool area.

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